Hoan My committed to improving healthcare quality in Vietnam |

Hoan My committed to improving healthcare quality in Vietnam


Hoan My Medical Corporation is Vietnam’s leading and largest private healthcare network, boasting 2513  operating beds across its integrated network of 14 hospitals and six clinics. Over its 20-year history, Hoan My has built a strong and well-recognized brand with a consistent reputation for delivering affordable, quality healthcare. Currently, the network, which was acquired in 2013 by the Singapore-based Clermont Group, employs more than 4800 members of  staff, and serves over 3.7 million patients annually.

As Group CEO of Hoan My Medical Corporation, Huynh Le Duc is responsible for the leadership of the hospitals and the local management team under the group’s portfolio. Duc, with a strong financial background, has worked for various multinational corporations. In 2013, he joined Hoan My as the group’s Chief Financial Officer before taking on the role of Group CEO in January 2016. He speaks to local media about the group’s endeavor to improve healthcare quality in Vietnam. Excerpts follow:

Huynh Le Duc, Group CEO of Hoan My Medical Corporation

Hoan My Medical Corporation has targetted to serve more than four million patients in 2018, which is a strong achievement in the network’s development history. Can you please share with us some milestones during such development?

Mr. Huynh Le Duc: Since this acquisition, we have celebrated many milestones. These include the network expansion from six hospitals in 2013 to the 14 hospitals and six clinics we have today. Another six hospitals are currently under construction. We have launched our ‘Work with Heart’ campaign in 2016 to encourage staff to serve with their hearts, promote a patient-centric culture, and improve patient care.

Hoan My Medical Corporation has conducted 632 training sessions for staff in 2017 including leadership and management courses, Med-technical training, culture, team building sessions and continuous medical training (CME), which resulted in Hoan My becoming the employer of choice in the healthcare sector in Vietnam. The corporation has also standardized policies and standard operating procedures to ensure consistent service and treatment quality throughout the network.

In addition, Hoan My has partnered with charities in Vietnam to provide free health screenings, community health education and first-aid training. In 2017, we conducted nearly 500 community activities serving 136,000 patients across 28 provinces in Vietnam.

Owing to such milestones, Hoan My has been recognized by the industry and Government for its achievements.  The group was awarded the highest quality of awards from the Ministry of Health and honored “Vietnam Hospital of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan for two consecutive years 2016 and 2017. We also received the prestigious ‘Third Class Labour Medal’ from the President of Vietnam in 2017.

Since Hoan My was acquired by Clermont, what changes to the hospital have you seen?

At the time of the acquisition in 2013, Hoan My served 1.2 million patients annually. . In the five years under Clermont’s stewardship, that number has increased to  3.7 million patients..

Our rapid growth has been driven by expanding bed capacity, introducing new medical specialities, optimization of the revenue mix, upgrading medical equipment, and process improvements. Recognizing the importance of improving clinical standards, Clermont has invested heavily in quality improvement and patient safety.

Prior to the acquisition, each hospital largely operated independently. Interaction and communication between the hospitals and clinics were limited. Today, Hoan My is a truly integrated healthcare network. We have developed policies, standards, and processes to harness economies of scale and raise standards. We have also reduced patient wait times, improved our customer service ratings, and invested in modern medical equipment to improve patient satisfaction and safety.

Underlying this success has been the implementation of international corporate governance standards and a new group-wide risk management framework. There has also been significant investment in talent development – both in terms of our management team and our medical staff.

Can you please share with us the mission and vision of Hoan My?

Hoan My’s mission is to provide sustainable, affordable, patient-centric, and quality healthcare by applying innovative medical and operational sciences, delivering best in-class clinical results, and improving the health care standards.

Our vision is to become the leading and the most reputable private healthcare provider in Vietnam. At Hoan My, we focus on our core values of patient centricity, innovation, ownership, integrity and teamwork.

Our vision is aligned with that of our parent company Clermont Group, which aims to build sustainable enterprises that advance the prosperity and well-being of the communities they serve. This is also important to us at Hoan My. For example, Hoan My has a strong focus on partnering with charities in Vietnam to provide free health screenings, community health education and first aid training. Since Clermont’s investment, Hoan My has conducted service projects for over 300,000 patients.

From both economic and medical perspectives, how has Hoan My contributed to the development of Vietnam’s healthcare sector since Clermont’s investment?

Hoan My aims to bring high quality affordable healthcare to the Vietnamese people and to raise quality standards in Vietnam. Healthcare expenditure in Vietnam accounts for 5.8% of the country’s GDP and this demand is expected to continue increasing.

Part of Hoan My’s mission is to bring social change. In 2015 and 2016, we hosted science and technology conferences to provide training and development opportunities to local healthcare professionals.

In 2016, we introduced a Family Doctor clinic concept (FDC) with the mission to reduce the burden on the central health facilities, strengthen the healthcare system and to provide high-quality primary healthcare services at a lower cost for the community.

Compared with other hospitals in Vietnam, what are Hoan My’s competitive advantages and key points of differentiation?

We believe our experience, our people, the services that we provide to our patients, and our focus on the middle-class all contribute to our competitive advantages.

In order to continue to serve our patients, we need to constantly improve the quality of our services, improve clinical quality, and develop new and modern medical technologies.

As a business, we have been operating in Vietnam’s private healthcare sector for more than 20 years. This history, combined with our local management team who have worked in Vietnam’s healthcare sector for most of their careers, makes us one of the most experienced healthcare management providers in the country.

What makes our people different is that we are committed to investing in great talent and ensuring they have the right ongoing training to grow. In 2017, we conducted 632 training sessions including leadership and management courses, technical training, culture and team building sessions and medical training. 

Hoan My’s continued focus on training and development is a key reason why we have become one of the employers of choice in Vietnam. We have a strong team culture with employees that are committed to improving the standards of healthcare in Vietnam.

What are Hoan My’s growth plans?

Through continued investment in people, facilities, technology and development, Hoan My has a bright future with much room for growth.

We are currently on track to serve four million patients by the end of 2018, a number that is expected to increase to six million by 2020.  This in turn means more facilities, people, training, and technology.

Part of the next phase of our development is to build a physical and digital healthcare ecosystem in Vietnam. We will also continuously expand our medical services to offer more advanced medical treatments.

Hoan My is more well-known in the South of Vietnam, so do you have plan to expand to the North as well?

Hoan My would like to offer quality healthcare across Vietnam. If opportunities to expand to the North of Vietnam arise, we will certainly consider them seriously.

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